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About Rights2Life Services Pvt. Ltd.

Rights2life delivers personalized care to their clients in their personal comfort zones. Recovery at Home is typically cheaper, better and more convenient than in a hospitality services. Our team will provide a hassle free service which includes Elder Care, Post-Operative Care and other specialized care as the situation demands at their door-step as early as possible.

Rights2life only focuses at what is best for its clients for their dignified living – and we will serve them in organising an environment for their best Home Care as necessary.

We believe that though our services we can transform the lives of our clients, especially the Elderly & Needing people from helpless & monotonous form to an easy, cherishing & dignified lifestyle where they can live a glorified and graceful life.

Our services with love is sure to make our clients at home with their family in spite of the absence of their kith & kins.

We vow to touch every client with love a compassion and built up a meaningful relationship within us.

Our services will undoubtedly make a difference in the lives of our clients and they will definitely feel the same.

Our mission is to create a heaven on earth for the aging persons who otherwise need a helping hand for surviving with ease and leading a tension free life within their comfort zones. We are committed to serve with love on demand of our clients who are aging, hopeless & helpless due to absence of their near & dear ones who can take care of them or differently disabled persons etc. or even too much busy personnel unable to meet their own domestic demands due to preoccupied service conditions and many more. We will always be around to extend our services with love to them only at the distance of a phone call, SMS or on-line request. We will immediately provide our assistance/services as required any time (24x7).

Our charges being very affordable and nominal, what matters to us is the blessing and good wishes of our clients. We are also committed to provide such affordable services combined with best in class processes, systems and newly invented technologies. We view ourselves as transparent and trustworthy partners to our clients, employees, community & our environment.